Grief Unchained Partner Program


The Grief Unchained Partner Program is designed to support Certified Grief Recovery Facilitators (certified by the Grief Recovery Institute) to have sustainable and marketable classes. Grief Unchained provides marketing services, ongoing training and coaching, along with a network of other Facilitators at a minimal cost. Our vision is to provide business support that will empower Facilitators so that many people will have access to and receive the benefits of The Grief Recovery Method.


Benefits of the Grief Unchained Partner Program Include:


Mentoring (learn from proven experience)


Social Media Training

Business Training







We often hear from Facilitators that they are not sales or marketing people. We couldn't agree more. We don't want them to be. Not the kind of sales and marketing that we can so often be subjected to anyway.  We believe that there are two types of marketing. There is manipulative marketing and then there is the business that comes from putting people first. From honoring those we serve and looking solely for their best interest. This second type is the the kind of marketing that we teach at Grief Unchained. We believe it is the only way to truly be successful as a Grief Recovery Facilitator.





To learn more, contact:

Sandi Atmore