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San Diego, CA


Pamela Blomdal,

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


Pam Blomdal was born and raised in Mexico City. She came from an alcoholic and abusive home. As a result, she became a very shy and quiet person and went looking for love and protection from men. However; Pam ended up with the kind of man that would take advantage of her insecurities and lack of boundaries, which brought a lot of pain into her life. Pam got married when she was 20, and brought all those past hurts into her marriage. The relationship sadly ended with divorce at age 26. She became a single parent to a beautiful daughter named Aileen.


Her life was controlled by fear and anger. She knew help was needed in her life, but just didn’t know where to find it. As she searched she found God’s mercy. After discovering her faith, Pam soon started dating only to find out that she still had a lot of patterns in her life that were ruining her relationships. She continued to seek help, and considered therapy, yet there was still something missing.


Pam came across the Grief Recovery outreach program, which supported her desire to get beyond her unresolved grief. This program complimented the spiritual and the intellectual aspects of her life. Pam became very passionate about the program and had the dream to become a facilitator. The dream became a reality and she became a Grief Recovery facilitator on May of 2012. Grief Recovery has given Pam the tools to resolve her past hurts and be able to live in the present. She resides in San Diego, CA with her only daughter. Her goal now is to help others find completion in their lives and relationships.