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North Hollywood, CA

Margarita Martirosyan

Counselor III

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


Margarita was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She was raised in Tbilisi, Georgia in the family of an airspace engineer and a school teacher. Her parent’s house was very organized, clean, and structured inside, yet that alone did not save her from sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, that she was exposed to in childhood and adolescent years and did not know how to deal with, so she escaped. She suppressed her feelings, went on thousands of diets since the age of 13, sought validation and approval, felt that she did not belong, and thought that there was something profoundly wrong with her. In her quest for the sense of belonging, validation, and approval, after graduation from the special English school, she entered Medical State University in Yerevan, Armenia, where her family moved at that time. Margarita got married at the age of 21. After graduation from the University, she started working as a doctor at the Clinical Diagnostic Center in Yerevan. At this time she has two beautiful children, a daughter and a son. Today both her children have a higher education and are happily married. Margarita has two beautiful granddaughters and a grandson.


  In 2001 Margarita moved to the US with her husband and so began her journey of self discovery. She became a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and obtained a BS in counseling. What brought her to Grief Recovery? Divorce. After 35 years of marriage, where power and control were ruling and love was not enough, Margarita finally decided to make a change. In 2012 Margarita’s biggest discovery was grief, carefully buried for so long, that she had no idea that it existed. The Grief Recovery Method® gave her an outline of actions to take and to heal childhood wounds, to become complete with herself without seeking validation and approval from others, to rely on her own self worth with a greater sense of belonging and to live up to her own potential and values. Her journey of transformation and healing childhood wounds inspired her to become a Certified Grief Recovery Facilitator in 2015. Margarita’s passion is helping people to resolve unresolved grief and live up to their unique potential and values. Margarita speaks three languages, English, Russian, and Armenian and currently resides in Southern California.