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Long Beach, CA

Torrance, CA


Eddie Lugo, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


Eddie is a California Native. He has a Bachelors Degree in Finance and currently works as a payroll accountant for a major corporation.


Eddie has a nephew that has Autism along with 2 nephews and nieces that have learning disabilities.


Eddie came to know about Grief Recovery after hearing a presentation at his church. His wife Sherri who is also a Grief Recovery Specialist with the Freedom from Grief team, asked him to attend an information meeting with her. By the end of the meeting Eddie had decided to attend the session as well.


Eddie came into this new journey in his life thinking that he had to get complete with his mom since she was currently going through her third cancer. Little did he know that he needed to get complete with his relationship with his father who had passed away 17 years prior also of cancer.


As this journey continued in Eddie’s life, the impact not only helped him with his relationships with his parents but also helped him with his relationship with his wife Sherri. At the time when they both had decided to attend Grief Recovery they were on the verge of getting a divorce. The Grief Recovery class helped both of them to listen and communicate better with each other and with others in their lives. Eddie and his wife are looking forward to celebrating 13 years of marriage this year and a more heart felt vision for their marriage.


Eddie decided to get certified in August of 2012. Eddie and Sherri are currently teaching Grief Recovery classes together.